INN is a new Cultural Embassy living in the physical and virtual domain. The physical embassy will house the best international culture live in the heart of London; whilst the virtual will host cultural ambassadors, provide a forum for cultural knowledge sharing and act as an incubator for trade relations.   INN is intended as an exposition rather than exhibition; an exploration of the unique and the innovative, from a city’s finest film and fashion to its most cutting‐edge architecture and design, celebrating all that is peculiar to the city. Our first... Read The Rest →

Buy INN Prints!

Limited Edition signed prints by Turkish street artists. INN Print in collaboration with Milk Gallery.   Milk Gallery & Design Store Established in 2009, Milk Gallery exhibits a genre of work influenced by graffiti, street art, illustrations and comics.   Print sizes & prices: A4 size: £60 + delivery 50×70 cm size: £120 + delivery Please contact us if you would like to buy prints or visit www.innprint.co for more information.          

Interview with Silvena Rowe!

Gulnaz Can interviews Silvena Rowe:   You have already brought Istanbul to London with the help of your job… How did it work?   SR: I have always been the best ambassador for Istanbul I can be, it hasnt been easy as people have pre conceptions for Istanbul and Turkey, trying to make people understand that Istanbul has become a truly cosmopolitan city is still a challenge! the only way to do it is through food, light , modern, colorful food!   How would you define İstanbul? What sort of... Read The Rest →

An interview with Zekiye Kocarslan

Gulnaz Can interviews Zekiye Kocarslan :   GC:        “Simplicity” and “spontaneousness” seem to be two main keywords in order to define your designs. Were these senses your starting point, or did your designs lead the audience to these conceptions?   ZK: When I design, I don’t move from a starting point since I don’t contemplate so much. Ideas just come to me and I give a shape to them. I believe simplicity is the right way to reach our essence and that is what it should be.... Read The Rest →


The designers  intended to be represented by the Fashion area at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) are: . Zeynep Tosun focusing on wearable statement pieces with a timeless appeal, emphasising chic and impeccably tailored structure that complements the feminine silhouette.. . . Nihan Buruk represent an avant garde style. One that sheds light on the dark side of the world with her collection NIAN. Her woman its an intellectual and empowered women. . . Janucha is a creation of Fashion designer Jale Hurdogan, consisting of two lines: evening wear... Read The Rest →


The designer  intended to be represented by Istanbul’74 at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) is:   Aslı Filinta   After graduating from Economics at Bilkent University in Ankara then Parsons the New School for Design in New York, designer Asli Filinta launched her eponymous fashion label in 2008, and showcased her debut womenswear collection in the following year. With her first collection she was honoured the Young Designers Fashion Award at the Who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter Paris trade show in 2009. Asli Filinta was later invited to design... Read The Rest →

Dilara Findikoglu

Designer Dilara Findikoglu will be at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) Born in İstanbul, Dilara Findikoglu studied fashion at Central Saint Martin College while working as a fashion editor in various publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Bullett, XOXO, Ones2Watch and Fucking Young. While she can not pin-point the moment she indulged in fashion, her apparent yet unexplained interest compliments her attraction to symbolism; where every visible phenomenon is burdened with a meaning for those who long to seek it out. Believing that we are living in an age where digital codes, logos, fonts and “hypertexts”... Read The Rest →

Suat Akdemir

The artist Suat Ozdemir will be at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) :   Suat Akdemir exhibits his pieces which are identified with nothingness and which are appeared by inherent and external influences. In this quest, you can feel the existential anxieties that are curious about the obscurity of the ground zero where a thought could reach. The canvas space is the interface of this quest; it is a tool in which the obscurity could be symbolized. The external influences contribute to the sense problem of the painting with natural effects. This... Read The Rest →

Barbara and Zafer Baran

The artists Barbara Baran and Zafer Baran will be at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) :   www.zb-baran.co.uk   Barbara and Zafer Baran live and work in London, and have been collaborating as photographic artists since the early 1980s, when they met at Goldsmiths College.   They have exhibited in Britain, France, America, Turkey and Israel, and their work is held in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, National Media Museum (Bradford), London Metropolitan University, Royal Horticultural Society and Tate... Read The Rest →


Check it Out!   Edouard Malingue Gallery is opening Nuri Kuzucan’s first international solo show “ISTHK|HKIST” in collaboration with x-ist. The exhibition brings together two of the world’s most thriving artistic scenes: Istanbul and Hong Kong.   “ISTHK|HKIST”, which will feature a series of 12 works that explore the complex geometries of dense urban landscapes, can be seen between April 5 and May 18, 2013.  

Batya Kebudi

Jewellery Designer Batya Kebudi will be at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London)   www.batyakebudi.com   Batya Kebudi adds a graceful touch to your style with her simple, yet eye catching designs, inspired by the captivating shine of gold.   Batya Kebudi shares with you, her excitement of creating a collection that she has worked on for a long time; one that brings classic elements together with modernism. In her collection, we are faced with different forms of gold; an element that draws attention in any environment, exuding... Read The Rest →

Mustafa Soydan

Check out one of INN’s favorite illustrators!! Turkish illustrator Mustafa Soydan’s works are amazing!    


Jewellery Designer Zekiye Kocarslan will be at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London)   www.zeckie.com   Zekiye Kocarslan is a Istanbul based jewellery designer with her shop  Zeckié, in a shopping area Nisantasi (2010). Her jewellery created by hand, attracts praise for its simplicity of form and spontaneousness.  Zeckié has the vision of culminating antique oriental motifs with postmodern materials and trends. Her design is a new interpretation of Artdeco with the geometric forms, and of Pop-Art with the stylized animal figures. Graduated from French school Notre Dame de... Read The Rest →

Art Sumer

The artists intended to be represented by Art Sumer at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) are:     Fulya Çetin (born in Istanbul, 1970) graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University department of painting in 1995. River Under River (2013) is her most recent solo show at artSümer since she joined the gallery. Selected group shows include ‘Güllük Gülistanlık’ (Opelvillen, Germany, 2012), ‘Reality Terror’ (DEPO, 2012), ‘Animal Like’ (Milk, 2012), Prescript (Rumeli Han, 2012), ‘Where the Fire Struck’ (DEPO, 2011), ‘Good Night’ (Manzara Perspectives), 2011), ‘Plastic Doll’... Read The Rest →


The artists intended to be represented by Sanatorium at ISTANBUL INN LONDON (11-15 April 2013, Victoria House, London) are:   Ahmet Doğu İpek was born in Adıyaman in 1983. After graduating from Marmara University, he continues his work in Istanbul. In addition to his first individual exhibition, “Multitude” at Sanatorium Gallery in 2012, his works were exhibited in many collective exhibitions and projects in various art spaces such as; Tate Modern in London, Baksı Museum in Baksı Bayburt, and artSümer, DEPO, ASFALT Gallery, ALANİSTANBUL and PİST in Istanbul.   Commentary About His Works: As a... Read The Rest →

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